A Preamble To Constructive Chaos

I would like to kick off this chronicle of my journey through campus life not with an attitude of pessimism, but rather one of ambition and anxious hope for the trials I have faced my first week and the plethora of those that lie ahead. Those of you reading this may be asking “How can chaos be constructive?”. A quote I am very fond of by Friedrich Nietzsche that explains “That which does not kill me only serves to make me stronger” would be, in my opinion, the best concept for me to draw from here. Now I’m not dodging cars on my way to class or fending off stray dogs to get to work, but I do believe my first week here has taught me very much about being an independent adult. Due to the nature of certain events I don’t believe it would be appropriate to elaborate on some of them, but I am able to comfortably say that rushing to class due to a misused alarm and attending my classes and my very first work shift of my life has been a beneficial experience to me. I regard these situations among others as constructive chaos because I believe that similar situations will certainly arrive in the future, and I am convinced that there will be many far greater hoops for me to leap through in order to pursue my mystery calling in life, but for the most part these events will build on themselves and allow me to endure whatever more significant challenges I may endure in my future. Because I know for a fact that this is only the beginning and I have four years of development within this microcosm of my life ahead of me, this first week is by all means an introduction to the gleeful insanity I am sure to encounter in days, weeks, months, and years ahead. I hope this preamble to my constructive chaos will encourage you all to join me for the ride!


One comment on “A Preamble To Constructive Chaos

  1. Blogging is a kind of constructive chaos too! The work is designed to be a work in progress; and that is progress is often rather chaotic.

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