Learning Memoir (Rising and Falling Action)

I understand that these will be out of order, but basically these next two paragraphs will bridge the gap between the inciting incident to the climax as well as connecting the climax to the currently undeveloped resolution respectively.

Rising Action:

At that point I had begun to take my faith with significantly more sincerity. Things were still moving slowly, but eventually I had decided to undergo a serious baptism the following year. I’ve never forgotten the warm water with the sun coming in through the stained glass right on my position that day. The entire congregation was watching, and after leading me into a medium sized tub my pastor was asking me to repeat after him “Do you acknowledge that Jesus Christ is the Son of God? Do you accept him as your savior?” After answering yes to both questions, he dunked me backwards. The moment I hit the water and for a couple seconds following, there was absolute silence.  When I was pulled up my only functioning sense was sight. I saw hundreds of people clapping and smiling for me, feeling the water calmly dribble down my face. I knew that I had done this for the right reasons, and that it meant I was truly making a commitment and a promise this time.

Falling Action:

Briefly into the beginning of my journey through the Bible, my family had moved once more back to the state of Michigan, where I had initially grown up and attended my first church. After finishing scripture, I had even more questions than I had begun with! Who wrote each of these books? What had been altered? Why were those books altered over time? The world of theology has been and always will continue to be a library with pages that are not missing, but rather hidden. While answering these questions to a satisfactory degree living at home studying in solitude would have been an unlikely scenario. Thankfully, I’d always intended to enroll in college and earn a degree, any degree at all I could stand sticking with. Even though a pursuit of theology was a tentative consideration for me at that point, I would soon come to find that there were more interesting and thought provoking answers to many of these questions than I’d assumed in the scholarly world of theology!


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