Artifact Analysis 20 questions

Hopefully I’m on target with these for the most part, but I was instructed today to post 20 questions about the laptop (or more broadly the personal computer) as a cultural artifact, and then answer 5 of them. Here is my list

Q.When was the first personal computer built?

Q.What’s the price range of most personal computers?

Q.What percentage of Americans own a personal computer?

Q.What has the personal computer done for social networking?

Q.What has the personal computer done for business industries?

Q.What do people typically use personal computers for?

Q.What can you do with a personal computer that you can’t do with a public computer?

Q. Is it difficult to manufacture a computer?

Q. What everyday technologies we see today were inspired by the personal computer?

Q. What would life look like today without the personal computer?

Q. How do different personal computers vary from one to the next?

Q. How has the personal computer influenced commerce?

Q. How has the pc influenced the music industry?

Q. How has the pc influenced the gaming industry?

Q. How has the pc influenced television networks?

Q. How has the advertisement industry coexisted with the pc?

A. There have been blessings and curses in the advertisement industry following the advent of the internet and the personal computer. On one hand, you have advertising industries symbiotically gaining exposure from people who generate their own music or videos and need someone to host their videos or websites, as well as those users sometimes generating an actual income from getting enough views on said advertisements. On the other hand, There is software out there that allows people to completely block 95% of advertisements you’d find on the web. In that regard, there tends to be a bit of a wound in the advertising industry.

Q. What kind of work has been created thanks to the pc?

A. Countless fields in customer service and technical support have opened up for starters. Not only that, but the pc has created entire fields of academic study! Computer science, certain focuses of hardware engineering, etc.  You would have a hard time finding a business or field discipline that wouldn’t find programming useful in one way or another, as a matter of fact. Whether someone needs a training program or a spreadsheet that keeps track of sales following a specific formula, there is always a demand for computer savvy individuals.


Q. Are we more social with those in close proximity to us following the invention of the pc?

A. There’s not really an objective answer for that, but I would say it simply depends on the person. If someone

is prone to being outgoing in real world social situations, the pc probably just makes it easier for him or her

to keep in touch with their friends. 


Q. How has the pc influenced education?

A. First off, we see and use computers very consistently in today’s academic environment.

Also, there is a modest number of online courses offered by certain colleges and highschools.


Q. Why is there a demand for the pc today?

 A. You would have a hard time finding someone without a personal computer of some sort today. Some need a PC for school, others for gaming or listening to music. Even still, a myriad of individuals use the PC for social networking as well as conducting business.



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