Internship Opportunity

Here is the internship I have had my eye on lately:


I have chosen the internship opportunity EA Games not only due to its relevance toward the field of computer science, but also for its well-known company name alongside its specific focus on video game design, which happens to be one of my greatest appeals regarding my field. A summer internship with EA would not only give me an idea of what goes on behind the curtains of game developing leviathans, but it would also grant me experience of my own in working with such companies. Working at EA would also bring me closer to my dream of working at Valve, a company that unfortunate offers no internships. Valve hires workers with at least three years of experience in their particular talent, and an internship at EA would bring me closer to that dream job. EA’s atmosphere I imagine would be a little more corporate as well, which can definitely be beneficial to familiarize with regardless of most occupational fields. Even if I don’t get into Valve in the long run, this internship experience would do great things for me no matter where I apply in the gaming industry. Whether I’m working for a lesser known indie developer or EA themselves, this internship would be the foothold I need to get past the initial barrier often stumbled upon in the job market. My high school education with programming would certainly help me attain this internship alongside my interest in the gaming industry and my familiarity with EA’s work as well as that of their competitors. I am absolutely anxious to learn more about the occupational realm of EA Games and what goes on under the hood, so to speak. I may not have extensive knowledge with software development, but that will come with future classes taken in college. I’m certainly looking forward to giving this internship a shot!


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