Internship Resume

Karl Kidder

3206 North Sturgeon Road

Midland, Michigan 48642


I am interested in pursuing an internship with EA Games. I believe that I would be a positive asset in both the hardware and software departments, but I specifically am hoping to help develop software if it is a possibility.

Computer-Related Experience

-One year of a programming course offered in high school (basic knowledge in C++ and visual basic.)

-An internship course in High School requiring students to fix

Hardware issues around campus including: printers, laptops, desktops,

Ethernet ports (in the walls and on-board), etc. I have worked primarily with Dell

Computers, but I also have experience with troubleshooting my own Gateway Desktop

at home. 

-Two basic computer application classes in two of my High Schools involving

Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint, Word, and Photoshop as well. The first of these

two classes also introduced me to web design via the HTML language.



Current Freshman at Michigan State University, expecting to graduate in 2017

Herbert Henry Dow High School (2012-13, received my diploma.)

Kamiakin High School (2009-12)


Interests and Activities

Kamiakin High School Football (2009-11)

Dow High’s DECA Business Competition Club. (Attended the state competition in the  Team Sports and Entertainment category)

Cooperative gaming (adventure, rpg, team- based competitive games)


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